District Compliance

ART and Ohio HB99 Parental Notice
January 1, 2023

Student and staff safety is of paramount importance to the Clay Local School District (CLSD). As we enter 2023, the Clay Local School District wants to remind and reassure our parents, guardians, and staff of our commitment to their well-being and safety while at school. Since 2018 the Clay Local School District has operated an on-site Armed Response Team (ART) for our student and staff protection. With the passage of Ohio House Bill 99 (HB99), the district wants you to know that the CLSD continues to operate the Armed Response Team in accordance with all Ohio Revised Codes (ORC) and with Ohio HB99.


Clay Testing Schedule 2022-23



District Compliance Officer

In compliance with state mandates, the Clay Local School District appointed Superintendent Todd Warnock as the state compliance officer for contact in the following areas:

  • Civil Rights
  • Section 504/ADA Compliance
  • Anti-Harassment (Sexual or Otherwise)
  • Title IX
  • Non-Discrimination and Access to Equal Educational Opportunity

Additional information

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